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Real Instagram followers acquisition based on AI.

Real Instagram followers acquisition based on AI.

Become an influencer in 7 days

Become an influencer in 7 days

Become an influencer overnight with our Influencer MEGAPACKS: boost popularity, save money & time, increase your income from sponsored content. No subscription fees.

In 2022, everyone can be an influencer. Whether you have created a new Instagram account or already have an existing one, buy new followers to attract new brands so you can get more sponsored content opportunities and increase your ROI.

More than 10.000 customers trust us!

They trusted us

They trusted us


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Our Influencer MEGAPACKS

Our Influencer MEGAPACKS


  • 5,000 Likes on previous posts
  • 50-200 Likes on each new posts**30 posts maximum
  • 50,000 Certified Premium Followers
  • Complete delivery in 3-7 Days**Ultra-Fast Delivery option available
  • No Password Required


  • 10,000 Likes on previous posts
  • 400-800 Likes on each new posts**30 posts maximum
  • 100,000 Certified Premium Followers
  • Complete delivery in 5-7 Days**Ultra-Fast Delivery option available
  • No Password Required


  • 20,000 Likes on previous posts
  • 800-1600 Likes on each new posts**30 posts maximum
  • 200,000 Certified Premium Followers
  • Complete delivery in 7-15 Days**Ultra-Fast Delivery option available
  • No Password Required
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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How soon will I receive my followers?2024-05-17T14:54:29+00:00

Your boost campaign is launched upon receipt of your payment. “Ultra-fast delivery” option (free) allows you to receive your order faster, in few hours. The standard delivery is a progressive delivery method, which is more gradual and seamless.

Is there a risk in buying followers, can Instagram ban me?2022-04-11T15:19:39+00:00

The purchase of followers and likes does not involve any risk. The promotion methods and strategies that we are using are natural and in accordance with Instagram’s policies (TOS). Instagram only blocks software which requires your password. We don’t need or use your password,  so we don’t violate Instagram’s terms and service, so you won’t have any issues with your account.

What is the nature of the followers and likes provided?2024-05-17T14:57:16+00:00

Our service is designed to enhance your online presence and visibility through various digital marketing strategies. We leverage a massive global network, which includes community groups, advertising and affiliate networks, influencers, mobile apps, and direct partnerships. RiseKarma’s advanced AI algorithm, updated weekly, ensures that you’re reaching the right audience in your target market. Our primary goal is to support your social media growth by increasing your profile’s visibility to a wider audience. For more detailed information about our service and the nature of the engagement we provide, please contact us directly. We are committed to offering the most accurate and up-to-date information in line with our terms of service.

What nationalities are the followers?2024-05-17T14:58:09+00:00

Our followers are international, primarily coming from Europe, America, and Asia. This diverse mix helps broaden your reach and enhance your global online presence.

Will purchased followers unsubscribe?2024-05-17T14:59:52+00:00

Occasionally, followers may choose to unsubscribe if they are not interested in your content. This is a normal part of social media dynamics. However, we offer a free refill service included in all our packages to replace any followers who unsubscribe, ensuring that your follower count remains consistent.

Can I buy fewer than 2,000 followers?2024-05-17T15:03:05+00:00

Yes, you can achieve this by opting for our 2,000 followers package. You have the option to pause the delivery at any time, giving you control over your growth. By selecting a slower delivery speed during the payment process, you can receive followers at your preferred pace and pause after receiving the desired number of followers.

Can I select my targeting preferences for followers & likes?2022-04-18T14:36:33+00:00

Our team will analyse your social account. By looking at your posts, hashtags you used, and with the help of Instagram’s algorithm and our A.I., we work to find relevant followers for your fan base, to help your account grow rapidly and efficiently.

We’ll then target followers who have been or expressed interest in what you put. It could be hashtags, a country, nationality, genders, interests, etc.


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