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By Published On: March 29, 2023

An Instagram ghost follower is an inactive or fake account following a legitimate user on the popular social media platform, Instagram. An Instagram ghost follower is defined as someone who is silent, never engaging with other users or the user’s content. Many people use automated tools to inflate their follower count, which causes Instagram ghost followers. As soon as a fake account is created, it is followed by hundreds or even thousands of users in hopes that some will follow back. Unfortunately, the accounts are left inactive and do not engage with any content, causing them to become ghost followers. Several ways exist to spot ghost followers on Instagram. The first is to look at the account’s history. The account is likely to be a ghost follower if it hasn’t posted any content or has only a few posts. It’s also possible to identify ghost followers by looking at the user’s engagement rate. If the account doesn’t have any followers and only follows a few people, it is likely to be inactive or fake. Engagement is calculated by comparing the number of likes and comments a user receives on their posts with their number of followers. In the case of a low engagement rate, the user is likely to have ghost followers. When a user has ghost followers, they appear to have a large following, when in fact they don’t, which can be irritating. In addition, ghost followers on Instagram can damage a user’s brand, as followers expect engagement and interaction with their content. However, there are ways to remove them. The most common method is to manually review your followers and unfollow any accounts that seem inactive or fake. This can be time consuming, but it is the most effective way to remove ghost followers.

Alternatively, there are a number of third-party tools that can be used to identify and remove ghost followers from your account. Inactive or fake followers are identified with these tools based on their account activity analysis algorithms. It is very fast to remove ghost followers, but it is easy to mistakenly remove legitimate followers if you use this technique. Generally, Instagram ghost followers are a common issue, but they can be easily identified and removed. Staying on top of your follower count is important because ghost followers can damage your brand. When you suspect that you have a large number of ghost followers, take the time to review them and remove any inactive or fake accounts.