Here’s our complete breakdown of your Instagram page.

Hey @ , there is your
RiseKarma Growth Audit.

Hey @ , there is your
RiseKarma Growth Audit.





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Performance indicators

Performance indicators

Public account

Public accounts allow for easier access to content and lead to higher engagement.

Follower/Following Proportion

The higher the ratio, the easier it is to reach new followers with new content because of instagram’s algorithms.

Story Highlights

At the front of your profile, these serve as the perfect indicators to show users what your brand is all about.

1000+ Followers

Real followers lead to real engagement which helps you profile reach out and stand out.

Verified account

Verify your account to help instagrammers find the real accounts of public figures and brands.

Business account

Very important! Business profile gives you access to promoted posts and Instagram ads which can exponentially increase the number of followers and customers.

Engagement rate (%)

The average engagement for an account of followers is normally %. You still have some progress to do and that’s why RiseKarma exists.

Active users (.)

Fake followers don’t engage with your account and never lead to sales. They also hurt your engagement ratio which hurts your account’s performance.

How can RiseKarma help?

  • Increase followers to around . in your first month
  • Focusing on increasing likes, and comments to increase current engagement rate from % to around %
  • Promote your Instagram Page to an audience of real people that match your target audience
  • Assist you with targeting and hashtag strategy to leverage Organic Growth

  • Improve your Instagram Account Quality Score to help organic promotion through the Instagram Algorithm
Get instant followers (2,000 to 100,000) →
Get organic growth →